We are frequently asked why we chose "Sputnik" for our moniker.  It's simple.  Our founder and owner, Rebecca Pickren Thomson was born on the same day Sputnik I was launched by Russia:  October 4, 1957.  When she was little, people called her "Sputnik."  She has always held an affinity for the little satellite, which was only about 20 feet in diameter.  She collects Sputnik chandeliers, clocks, lamps, nightlights, pins, jewelry, fabrics, and more.  She has a distributorship on Sputnik Chandeliers.  Call her at 404-213-7077 for more information.

Our Business

Began as an Antiques Shop.  In fact, we still have a large booth at City Antiques, only 3 miles away, specializing in Funky Lamps.  We also have a large supply of vintage fabric in storage.  These are now owned and sold by a different company, Sputnik's Antique Station, Inc. 

All of the fixtures in Sputnik's Yogurt are for sale.  Just ask.

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